For the purposes of these conditions, the term COMMITTEE shall mean the Beechwood Community Hall

Management Committee and the HIRER is an individual hirer, or where the hirer is an organisation, the authorised representative. The HIRER is responsible for ensuring compliance with each of these terms and conditions.


Hire of the Premises

The hall is principally made available for the use of local residents and groups. Local users therefore will have priority in bookings, particularly when there are competing demands. The application should be made via a Booking Form and will generally be accepted on a first-come; first-served basis, following receipt of the payment of a deposit in line with the published Booking Charges.

The HIRER is responsible for ensuring that the premises are only used for the purpose described in the Booking Form and may not sub-hire or allow the premises to be used for any unlawful purpose. The COMMITTEE reserves the right to refuse any application received for the hire of the hall.


Hours of Opening

The hall is available for use from 8.00 am until 10.00 pm each day.

Parties to be finished by 8.00pm, due to the location of the hall and resident’s complaining about the noise.

Permission for access outside these hours must be sought from the COMMITTEE.


Activities and Entertainment

The HIRER is responsible for obtaining any licenses that may be required, from the Performing Rights Society, or any other similar statutory organisation and is responsible for the observance of the terms of any licenses.


The HIRER should notify the COMMITTEE that any such licenses have been granted at least 4 weeks before the event.


The HIRER is responsible for ensuring that:-

• the premises are not used in contravention of the laws relating to gaming, betting of lotteries.

• Ball games are not allowed in the hall unless agreed by the COMMITTEE.

• Amplifiers are not to be used except at the discretion of the COMMITTEE.

• No animals, except guide dogs, are bought into the Hall, except at the discretion of the COMMITTEE.


Please note:- Beechwood Community Hall is not covered for any claims arising from the use of bouncy castles or any other equipment brought into the Community Hall or used on Community Hall property, by the Hirer. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that the use of such equipment is properly insured.



Health and Safely Issues

Our aim is to ensure the building is maintained to a safe, high standard for the benefit of all users.



The HIRER is responsible for the supervision of behaviour of all persons attending the event and the care of the premises to minimise the risk of accidents or damage.


• Regulations

The HIRER must comply with all regulations made in respect of the premises by the Fire Authorities; Local Authorities; Local Magistrates or other legally constituted bodies. Nothing should be done that will endanger the safety of people or render invalid insurance policies relating to the hall or its contents.


• Child Protection

The HIRER is responsible for ensuring that any activities that include children comply with the provisions of the Children's Act 1989 and all subsequent legislation and that only fit and proper persons have access to the children and that there are appropriate numbers to supervise them.


• Hazards and Fire Prevention

The HIRER is responsible for making visitors aware of emergency evacuation routes and Fire doors are kept closed whilst the hall is in use. No obstructions should be placed in gangways or exits. The COMMITTEE ensures that all fire appliances are inspected routinely and the HIRER must ensure they are kept in their proper places and used for no other purpose.


• Smoking

To comply with the law, the hall is a non-smoking venue and the HIRER is responsible for ensuring that there is no smoking on the premises or the surrounding site.



• Noise and Nuisance

To avoid disruption to neighbouring premises, the HIRER is responsible for ensuring the minimum of noise is made on arrival or departure.


Care of the Hall and its Equipment

To protect the floors, appropriate footwear should be worn in the building, and stiletto heels should be avoided. Wheeled boots and skateboards are not allowed in the hall. To reduce the risk of damage, wax crayons, paint, marker pens, and similar implements that could cause marks should not be brought onto the premises. The use of Sellotape and blutack are not allowed, there are cup hooks positioned all around the hall for balloons, etc.

Party" Silly String" not to be used.

The HIRER should ensure that chairs and tables are removed and replaced carefully so that they are not damaged. At the end of the hire period, chairs and tables should be stacked carefully and properly on their trolleys as instructed.


Equipment brought into the hall

The HIRER is responsible for ensuring that any electrical, or other equipment brought onto the premises is in good working order and used in a safe manner.


 Food and Drink

If preparing or serving food, the HIRER should ensure that all relevant food health and hygiene regulations are observed. Children are not allowed in the kitchen and particular care should be taken with any kitchen or cooking equipment and naked flames. Alcohol is not to be consumed or sold on the premises.


Completion of the hire and rubbish disposal and Hall Security

At the end of the hiring, the HIRER is responsible for leaving the premises and their surroundings in a clean and tidy condition. This includes ensuring that all floors and surfaces are cleaned of any spilled liquids and floors swept. Any equipment temporarily removed from its usual storage position should be properly replaced and the building should be locked and made secure.


All rubbish generated by the HIRER should be removed from the site by the HIRER at the end of the letting and any items in the refrigerators should be removed.


On leaving the hall, the HIRER should check that all lights have been turned off, particularly in the kitchen, toilets. For security reasons, the corridor and foyer lights should be left on.

The HIRER shall reimburse the COMMITTEE for loss or the cost of repairs of any damage to any items of property that have been bought onto the site which may have occurred during the event, or as a result of the HIRER. The COMMITTEE reserves the right to make an additional charge, or retain the damage deposit paid to meet the cost of replacement of broken items or preparation of the building.


Cancellation of Booking

If the HIRER wishes to cancel the booking before the due date, any charges outstanding, or the reimbursement of deposits already paid will be made in line with the published Booking Charges.


The COMMITTEE reserves the right to cancel a letting if the hall is required as a Polling Station for Parliamentary, Local Government, or By-elections. The COMMITTEE reserves the right to cancel the hiring agreement upon giving 7 days' notice in writing to the HIRER, in the event of the hall being rendered unfit for the use for which it was hired. The Committee shall not be liable for any resulting loss or damage.


In cases of cancellation by the COMMITTEE, the HIRER shall be entitled to reimbursement, by cheque, of such monies including any deposit or a proportion that has been paid by the hirer, but the COMMITTEE shall not be liable to meet other costs or make any further payment to the HIRER.


The COMMITTEE also reserves the right to charge 50% of the hall hire, if you cancel at short notice and the cancellation cannot be filled. Booking holding deposits (£25.00) are non-refundable.


These Terms and Conditions are intended to help ensure that visitors to the hall are able to have a safe and enjoyable event. If there is a need for clarification or there are any concerns or suggestions, please let a member of the COMMITTEE know immediately.


Deposits will be returned within 14 days of the event. This is to give the COMMITTEE time to check the hall, kitchen, check CCTV footage and check any of our equipment that may have been used.  By placing your booking you are agreeing to these terms set out as above.  



The Hall has six parking spaces situated at the front of the building these are for use by HIRERS of the Hall. In the interest of local residents, however, we ask HIRERS to encourage visitors to walk to the hall wherever possible and minimise the numbers using the limited spaces we have available. Some alternative parking space is available at the rear of the shops near Hermitage Lane and other local side streets, (where there are no double yellow lines). To help maintain good relationships with our neighbours, please ask visitors to avoid double parking, blocking driveways, and ensure that there is no obstruction of the highways.



Beechwood Community Hall Trust Limited- Registered Charity No. 1140943